Each life is different, our past experiences, memories etc. are unique.   A place that brings these memories to mind is a fitting place to have your loved ones remains released to the sky forever. 

Celebration of Life Memorial Flights

Time spent in the great outdoors will be called to mind for those that love to behold the beauty of lakes and mountains.  A favourite fishing spot or hunting location perhaps? ..... again the choice is yours.

The choice is yours

Tranquil Lake

Get-togethers at the cabin with the family, memories in the making, experiences passed on to the grandchildren. These legacies can be captured for ever, knowing that they flew away from here.

Aerial Ash Dispersal  - Rose Petal Memorial Flights

mountain vista

The dream of flight and freedom lives forever. Release your loved one from the earthly bonds with a loving send off in the sky.


Conventional Memorial Services and arrangements can be expensive. 

Final Flight offers a unique  and affordable alternative committing your loved ones remains to a perpetual voyage in the sky.

 Call today to arrange a loving, unique tribute.  Toll free 800-252-2218